Which invoices and cost estimates should be looked at more closely?

The claims costs for building damage in Germany increased significantly in the 2010s, and at the same time, such damage is often very complex. Insurance companies and specialized service providers therefore check almost all tradesman’s invoices and cost estimates, often in great detail. In some cases, the insurer negotiates directly with the service providers. With the Building-Damage Analyzer, RISK-CONSULTING offers a tool with which the submitted cost estimates and invoices are automatically categorized in the sense of a triage.

This enables the automated selection of the conspicuous invoices and cost estimates for an intensive and therefore more complex in-depth check. All remaining invoices, which do not merit a closer look, can be processed automatically. This is particularly advantageous when invoice volumes are high, for example in situations with accumulation of claims after large storms. As a result, payments are saved, and the cost-benefit ratio is optimised. This in turn averts the need for avoidable contribution increases.

Advantages of using the Building-Damage Analyser

  • Fast, automated assessment of invoices and cost estimates
  • Automated processing of inconspicuous documents
  • Identification of relevant documents for in-depth checks
  • Economic assessment even for small and medium invoice amounts
  • Adjustable workload for the claims managers
  • Coping with peak volumes in situations with accumulation of claims
  • Predictable savings by checking a specified proportion of the documents to be checked
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