Value-based management of the insurance business

AktuarWin® is a software-supported actuarial service that assists property and casualty insurers in the value-based management of their insurance business. Predictive analytics is used to assign the expected claims costs to each individual contract and the line-specific lapse expectancy to each policyholder. Profitable segments are identified and can be expanded, as are loss-making segments which can be limited. By improving the risk structure of the portfolio, earning and growth are secured in the long term. Indirectly, the assessment of the “own risk” in the sense of ORSA is also improved.

AktuarWin® is a comprehensive approach that covers all lines of business. For the practical implementation of value-based management, it is often advisable to work on the insurance lines one after the other. Therefore, RISK-CONSULTING also offers the scope of AktuarWin® services separately for individual composite lines through the family of the corresponding RISK-CONSULTING products AktuarCar®, AktuarHome® and AktuarLiable®.

Advantages of using AktuarWin®

  • Individualised claims expectancies for each contract and each insured person
  • Deduction of profit-oriented control measures
  • More profitable portfolio structure through risk-adequate individualised pricing
  • Individualised lapse expectancies for each contract and each policyholder
  • Tailored premium adjustments – both in the case of high claims expectancy and high lapse risk
  • Precise estimation of the earnings effect of control measures
Softwaregestützte aktuarielle Dienstleistung AktuarWin®