About us

RISK-CONSULTING Prof. Dr. Weyer GmbH was founded in 1992 by Jürgen Weyer, Professor of Applied Mathematics at the University of Cologne and a specialist in epidemiology and medical statistics. Prof. Dr. Weyer embedded this knowledge in RISK-CONSULTING, where it forms the basis for many of our successful products and tools. Today the company is a leader in the area of data analytics and actuarial consulting in both personal and P&C insurance.

A speciality of RISK-CONSULTING is the analysis and evaluation of large databases using data mining and predictive modelling. RISK-CONSULTING supports insurers in the management of their business to increase profits, intensify customer focus and achieve higher process automatization. With our specific know-how, we develop concepts and solutions for risk selection and control as well as for process optimization. With the evidence-based underwriting system AktuarMed®, RISK-CONSULTING is the market leader in the field of risk assessment for private health insurance in Germany, Austria and Luxembourg, and we have also been recognized as thought leaders by Google and Süddeutsche Zeitung for our AktuarCompress® and CDE® tools. Our data-based tools digitize the insurance industry!



Thorsten Honcamp

Thorsten Honcamp is a mathematics graduate and actuary DAV. He has worked in various positions at RISK-CONSULTING since 1995 and has been a managing director of RISK-CONSULTING since 2011. Thorsten speaks regularly at specialist conferences on actuarial issues and topics related to data analytics.


Dr.-Ing. Sören Weyer

Dr.-Ing. Sören Weyer (born 1985) studied engineering at the RWTH Aachen University. He gained his doctorate at the Chair of Medical Information Technology in the focus area of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Analytics. As a research assistant, he also personally realized clinical examinations on patients at the University Hospital Aachen. Subsequently, Sören Weyer worked for 7 years as a consultant for a well-known auditing and certification provider in the area of functional security, cyber security and risk analysis in responsible positions. In this function he also worked for the leading Californian company in the field of AI computing. Sören Weyer is an expert in the development and legal approval of AI-based algorithms in safety-critical applications. He has broad international experience in Europe, America and Asia. Sören Weyer is co-owner of RISK-CONSULTING since 2014 and managing director of the company since 2023.

RISK-CONSULTING chosen as Forward Thinker by Google and SZ

Google and Süddeutsche Zeitung (SZ) announced the winners of the Digital Lighthouse awards on December 6th, 2016 for exemplary digitalization projects in the insurance sector. RISK-CONSULTING was awarded the first prize in the special category “Forward Thinker” for the development of its AktuarCompress® system. AktuarCompress® is a tool which compresses the claims data of persons with medical expenses insurance into meaningful and easily interpreted information. The claims history of each individual is reduced to a structured summary of the relevant medical data, giving the insurer a holistic view of the medical history of the insured. It thus provides the insurer with a high-quality basis for a wide range of automated applications, including health management programs, cross-selling campaigns and claims management. AktuarCompress® enables an efficient use of the information contained in the claims data.

RISK-CONSULTING honoured for the second time as Forward Thinker
On December 4th, 2018, Google and the Süddeutsche Zeitung announced the winners of the 2018 Digital Lighthouse awards. These awards are given for the best digitalization projects in the insurance industry. RISK-CONSULTING won the prize in the category “Forward Thinker” for the development of the Context-sensitive Diagnosis Exploration system CDE®. This is the second time that RISK-CONSULTING has received this award in the five-year history of the competition. CDE® is an interactive tool for the collection of the applicant’s medical history in life and health insurance. The special feature of CDE® is the situation-dependent, statistically optimized question dialogue that determines interactively for each applicant the order and the depth of the questions asked. Through the complete and digital collection of the applicant data, CDE® allows the immediate issue of the policy at the point-of-sale and supports the digitalization of the application process.