Our Tools

We offer tools and solutions for risk selection and risk control as well as process management in insurance companies. Our data-based tools are digitizing the insurance industry.


AktuarMed® allows the insurer to generate an easy-to-execute, evidence-based decision.
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CDE® poses interactive, statistically driven questions to collect digitally the medical history of a person.
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AktuarCompress® offers a holistic view of the individual health history of an insured person.
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More tools

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Use Cases

We support insurance companies in their data-based business management. The use cases show our expertise in the prediction and assessment of risks on the basis of selected projects.

Predicting future desease risks

Predicting the occurrence of common illnesses using Predictive Modelling

Pricing in per­so­nal ac­ci­dent insurance

Evaluation of cover extensions and improved dismemberment schedules

Predictive models for multi-line insurance

Claims expectancy,  lapses and cross-selling

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Our Use Cases
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Our Skillset

Die Kompetenzen von RISK-CONSULTING
Data Analytics und Databases

We are experts in the management of large databases and data management systems. We always work in a practice-oriented and cross-methodological way. We use data analytics and machine learning methods – including Generalised Additive Models, tree-based methods, cluster methods, neural networks…

All lines of insurance

Our clients appreciate RISK-CONSULTING’s combination of deep insurance knowledge and long-term experience and expertise in data analytics. We support insurance companies in all insurance lines. Our data-based tools are digitizing the insurance industry.

25 years of experience

RISK-CONSULTING has been developing concepts and solutions for risk selection and risk control as well as process management for insurance companies for more than 25 years. We are one of the leading consulting firms in data analytics and actuarial issues in personal and property & casualty insurance.

About us

RISK-CONSULTING Prof. Dr. Weyer GmbH was founded in 1992 by Prof. Jürgen Weyer, Professor of Applied Mathematics at the University of Cologne. Today it is a leader in the area of data analytics and actuarial consulting in both personal and property insurance.

A specialty of RISK-CONSULTING is the analysis and evaluation of large databases using data mining and predictive modelling. RISK-CONSULTING supports insurers in the management of their business to increase profits, intensify customer focus and achieve higher process automatization. With our specific know-how, we develop concepts and solutions for risk selection and control, as well as for process optimization. Our data-based tools digitize the insurance industry!

Our Clients